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today - friday 18/01/08

got up at about 10 and wanted to drink some tea - but i couldn't even hold the cup because my hands were slittering so bad. think i had a hang over. went to college with the worst headage i ever had. missed general studies because u was already late - went to the factory with sina & louise - went to the co-op with katharina and met lisa and went to psychology.

me & lisa were allowed to go after 30 minutes because they were just talkin about the exams, which we aren't doing. went to the shop bought some tabacco and papers for lisa because she's still scared that they could ask her for her id and not serve her.

went home and to bed. went to lisa's at about 6 o'clock. before that we had a big fight at the phone because she was still crossed with me because of yesterday and how i treated her the whole day. obviously i was very mean because of my hang over. but i apoligized and everything was okay. love her.

went back home for dinner , walked the dog and met lisa in front of the coop, went down to the seafront, phoned some people and met laura in front of tesco's.

tried to phone her the whole day and was quite worried because of yesterday. she told us that she's kicked out of college and that she has to return to hollland in 2 weeks. such a shame,

but obviusly it wasn't the first time that she came to college - totally fucked.

talked to some people which were on the way to the pub and lisa went home - went to laura's to pick up money for some boo's and to pick up jacob.

nick bought some WKD for us and then simon called me and we met him and david at the chipshop. were walkin around  and drinkin WKD. were sittin in front of tesco's and talkin to some people. got a new bracelet from any guy i don't know. but it's awesome.

i kissed the fittest guy in the whole town.

had a shower and i'm sitting at my bed, writing this and somebody keeps ringin me the whole time.

but -again- it was a great day. goin to see soem people tomorrow to get drunk.

19.1.08 02:32

yesterday - thursday 17/01/08

was soo great. best day ever.

met laura & jacob at 8 at tesco's to buy 2 bottles of wodka and went to the other shop to get some tabacco and went to school - went to my maths lesson and took the bus to colchester with lisa & laura at about half 10 and drank all the wodka in the bus. made out with laura because she wanted to know if i can feel her piercing - can't remember it but lisa told me today.

went through the whole town - kissed any strangers- and went to college totally fucked.

i just can remember that i was laying on a piano and that a teacher in a light blue pullover was shouting at us and kicked us out. was such a fun.

went to the smoking hut and i hugged everyone i know there like billy,dave, patrick

luckily i can't remember it - it's so embarassing , went to bench anywhere in town and kissed all guys which were walkig along and shouted at all girls and called them cunts - can't remember it but that's something else lisa told me. she was quite sober but laura & were drunk as fuck.

went to any toilett in the park and through up there. later i was laying at a bench again and slept and patrick fucked laura in the toilett until people called the police - didn't even notice it. somehow we went to the bus station where i through up again .. at lisa's shoes.

a woman at the bus station wanted to call the emergency because i was throughing up the whole time and was totally white. went into the bus - shoted at the busdriver and shouted at all the people in the bus. made out with laura again. can't remember it. can't remember anything - just that i was laying at this piano in college.

somehow lisa & laura brought me home, took my clothes off and brough me to bed.

got up at about 7 p.m. drank some tea, talked to krystyna who didn't even noticed that i was still pissed - she thought i was sick or catched a flew or something. met lisa, shouted at people smoked some fags. tried to get into my house again but i just couldn't open the door that's why we were walkin to every pub in the whole town to look for krystyna who was out in any pub. later lisa went home and luckily i met those guys from yesterday. they couldn't open the door as well. so we were ringing any people's doors and ran away. was quite fun. went to the chip shop with them. at about half 11 simon managed it to open my door. just went to bed.

was such a great day. even when i felt very sick the whole day and passed out - it was such a fun.

19.1.08 02:31

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